Virtual Reality limits and VR possible output

Brenda Laurel writes about VR : (source

Complete surround environment,

Affordances for depth perception and motion parallax / Spatialized audio, not just stereo,

Affordances for tracking the participant’s direction of motion distinct from the direction of gaze. In early systems these were concatenated, decreasing the body’s freedom of movement. Eyes reveal gaze, and the pelvis almost never lies about direction of movement.

The participant’s sensorium as the camera / Natural gesture and movement.

Affordances for narrative construction. Of the many uses to which VR may be put, explicit narrative storytelling is one of the least effective. By engaging in an immersive virtual world with various affordances and themes, a participant creates a story, or many stories, by traversals of the world. The author(s) of the world must design cues and affordances that encourage the participant to make dramatically interesting choices.

The principle of action. A participant must have affordances for moving about in the scene (kinesthesia and proprioception).

how Virtual Reality can enhance our lives

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