Things about entanglement , unmasking the networks

Things about entanglement , unmasking the networks and turn the nodes into paranodes.

Mejias suggestions for playing the networks in order to disrupt them which is to reveal what is invisible. Looking at how the networks could have their own experience of themselves, computer can be a source for “producing , for example, the unknown out of the known” .
Overall, I want to reflect a space where humans and machines are intertwined and where hierarchy is always under review.

Always on the back of my head, how to illustrate our entanglement with the network and the internet of things Everything is merged , but everyone has his own character
I wanted to treat the human as equal as the automata

The nodes are having fun together without us
when they sense our presence they communicate in their own language, audiovisual
their extended bodies are entangled with ours

showing the roots, processing without thinking about how to show the process, then reverse engineering to explain the process

combination of organic artefacts made of electronics and traditional basketry and puppet making