Things about devising process with the node-artifacts

Developing a methodology to improvise with objects

from research to production
looking for the seeds3
research feed, find the sources, read and find the subject
essay writing feed, write and explore other paths
playing with codes, learn new languages and environment (python, node.js, atom, github) ,practice, trial and errors, tame the compiler
playing with the artefacts, develop a closed relationship with your puppet artefact, the puppet mirror effect projecting a part of your soul in it

staging the interface with the viewer respond to the same tricks as in puppetry: variation in your effects , in time, intensity and type

prototyping and devising process with the machines

prototyping warming up
engage with the material through little exercises
find the momentum
use repetitions to open imaginary paths
explore new paths and feed the process
create a new system

stop prototyping
let it grow,
engage with the artefacts
nurture the system
stage, script and scenario

let it go, engage with the characters we created

feedback , external/ internal input
watch the seeds grow and cut the remnants

pitch it and be your own outside eye
feedback , go and find another outside eye to get new input
when is the time to stop listening to other voices and hold on to your artistic vision?

messy creative process is painful but necessary
keeping tracks is essential

deadlines are useful

about sharing the vision, taking the feedback input, listening/ not listening

when everyThing goes wrong

hardware/ software

go back to the basic and repeat and scale it step by step.