Things about Stuck Places

“Write a list of false starts or dead ends you have encountered. If you cannot quite place them in your mind, try going to places that are relevant or integral to your research.

Go back to moments in time in particular places where something happened that made you feel you were utterly stuck. You can do this either by physically going to that place and observing yourself or by going there through your memories. Read out your list to others in the group and discuss. Choose one example and write your own story about a difficult moment in your research. Describe the situation: When did it happen, where were you, what were you supposed to do, what did you do? Be concrete: pay attention to perceptions, senses, sounds, smells, colours. Take note of incidental, seemingly insignificant details and things; switch off your cognitive response. “

exercice proposed by Helen Pritchard

False starts and dead ends :

I wanted to explore virtual reality as I was curious of the way bodies are moving when users wear their virtual headset and the relation between the body left outside and the virtual bodies. I realised that I would not have had enough physical material for me to craft within only few months of exploration. Furthermore, my first readings and the readings proposed by Helen Pritchard have led me to embrace the broader subject of our entangled life within the digital networks and their artifacts, the internet of things.

the 5% Skeleton Project or how to stop being creative to save the date:

Submerged by the material and by the tensions of the academic system, I feel stretched like a knitted sensor. Asking me to switch off my cognitive response is like asking electron to stop leaving the ground to the power source.  If it would be a smell it would be bitter or a colour it would be dark blue and there will be no sound. Motors without purpose and knitted wires are waiting to find their places in a network installation. The poetic space is not heard, and have not found its place in the system.  Self preservation would tell to not bother, but how oblivious could I be without leaving the system?
Feeling comfort when returning to the material and confident that I will find a way to express what is needed, to answer the “artistic call” if I have more time to explore. How to deal with different agenda between the internal and external urgency to deliver? I am looking for the conductive threads and the connections to the micro controller, buying time and trying to transmute the external deadlines into input for my creative process.