Chaos again



Rule number 1: do not compromise with your artwork !

outcome of the first year : mixed feeling about my achievement , got to be happy , and not too hard on my self esteem and next time do not compromise with my artwork.

What to expect of the last year of MFA? 

go deeper into the process of explaining and contextualizing my work -> essay, funding process, residential calls, articles.

go deeper in the development of the concept I want to share-> project, workshops


10th October

Today first session with Helen Pritchard , our tutor for the last year of the MFA

got a little bit lost in translation at this beginning of the year after very intense, nerves breaking months in preparing Overlap show at Goldsmiths. Learned a lot while making, huge steps in every direction and need to manage and build up from constructive feedback and great ideas

Notes from Helen :

In reflecting on the exhibition what aspects would you like to explore further during the MFA year two?
– Extending Feedback Loops
– developing multiples on the work
– exploring the themes of connectivity  and cognition
– collecting data from sensors – exploring more about the installation 
– Exploring the potential of kinect – using kinect rather than eye tracker,
– Exploring objects for people to have  in their hand
– dynamic and participatory puppetry
– exploring a gaze that is there and not there –  telling different stories
– cognition
– liveliness –
– VR exploration

– Staging normal people in a setting that they can be preforming

Projects and writing that could be of interest:
AND Festival VR project that makes viewers into puppets –
VR experience uses photogrammetry, aerial drone filming with a custom 360° camera and LiDAR and CT scanning, as well as a binaural soundtrack
Larrisa Lai – Science Fiction Future of Bodily VR
Sina Seifee – using the Kinect to generate the memoir Difficult Forest 

Rosi Braidotti – The Posthuman


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