Questions about the future

Future Development

From my perspective, this final piece is a perfect alliance between two art forms : puppetry and computation. This is not about robotics, this is about new form of puppetry. Robotics is about serving a predefined purpose, a feedback loop. Puppetry is about looking for narratives from a unique space between the objects,  the viewer and the puppeteer, it is about listening to the material. In the ubiqituous computing, there is a shift from human to non human puppeteers.  Who is the controller, who is the performer, who is the audience?  I believe that new forms of narrative will come from the understanding of the computational nature of the material provided by the new technologies and how the internet of things are perceived as “alive” and “intelligent”. In my future practice, I shall seek to pursue this investigation of the new uncanny space of computation and find new narratives for non human actors. I will also look for opportunities and budget to scale up the size of the puppets to blurr even more the frontier between human and non human performers and collaboration with human actors to investigate improvisation with “intelligent” objects.