Things about the voice for the crafted nodes

Prototyping Char RNN Neural networks generating text

Trying to find a voice for the crafted electronic nodes- Node Poetry

In the process of characteristation, the nodes need a voice .  I like the idea of the nodes generating their own poetry based on texts I will fed to them. The challenge then , is to find appropriate texts to train the neural network

testing a Char RNN model based on Max Woolf ‘s training model :, an open-source framework by Max Woolf, written in Python and powered by Tensorflow.

First set of seeding texts were user guide for tourist and servo safety guide , 

“Keep quiet when you are punctual if taking part in a shop
loosen up and bring an adventurous spirit
take time to a complete stop
applicable regulations will result in death or serious
Install and avoid hazards involved are authorized to work on your knife.
loosen up and bring an adventurous spirit
Install and all other people’s belongings with the fork parallel across the right side of your host
Ensure you are punctual if taking part in a shop
It is advisable to take your place in the right while eating.”\

The result is fun but  not any relations with the idea of the network of nodes.

Better result with another set of texts :   Wendy Chun and Updating to remain the same. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, 2016 and U.A Meijas . Off the Network. USA: Electronic Mediations , University of Minnesota Press, 2013, in addition to extract from my essay on network masks and some further thoughts about puppetry. 

Put the mask on your face, and become a node’, ‘between 0 and 1
This is the marionette
the Network is Blind
Internet is Myopic
the puppet is Workaholic
the Network is a Trail
the interface is Sniffing
the interface is a Collective Traveller
sensor is on
sensor is off
the code is binary
shadows are invisible
we are the machines
Ask the marionette
a puppet never dies
we are humans…

asking the model to qualify the main social media : ” google computers are invisible,  google the mask on your face, and become a node “

taking the “good sentences ” produced by the model and put it again in the training model