Project Proposal

Illustrate how , like masks, the networks frame, mirror, mediate, catalyse , transform, show emotions of, classify or hide the users.

Creating a 3D textile sculpture , artefact , installation responding to data either transmitted by remote sensors or by internet actuators ( Twitter, Facebook etc…)
Show the entanglement between machines and humans :
The sculpture swill emulate the meeting between humans and machines , as a memorial artefact .

Crafting one of the Network masks and its artefacts :costume, headdress, accessories, behaviour, dance steps, songs, texts….

Mask improvisation workshops to understand how we actualise in our bodies , the network; ( check the documentation “creative soup”)

propose a scenario for a mask to explore the relations between humans and machines in the network.
you are the machine, the hardware , the software, the code, the portal, the algorithm, the coder, the screen, the human, a data, ….list all the possible characters and try to mach a mask

Providing a physical environment
to reveal our networked self,
to show the impact on our social interactions ,
to show the impact on our relation with our body.