Things about Practice Based Artistic Research 2018

  • Artistic Research methods by Jane Prophet :

Action Based Research  by Kemmis :

  1. Planning in order to initiate change
  2. Implementing the change (acting) and observing the process of implementation and consequences
  3. Reflecting on processes of change and re-planning
  4. Acting and observing
  5. Reflecting

Artistic Research, by Friedman about challenges for PhD students and supervisors

Embodied Technologies by Sullivan “argue that the artistic approaches employed using embodied methodologies can be considered as a way to make meaning and that especially within participatory research, these approaches can strengthen validity. ”

  • Networking , conferences and seminars, Networking European Scholarship on ‘How Matter Comes to Matter’.

  • Samples of artistic research ouput :

critter-compiler-prototype– by Helen Pritchard


Vocable Code

Material Aktiv Denken

  • Samples of Product based Research

Digital Lace, Sara Robertson and Sarah Taylor

Urban jacket Pablo Cesar

OpenFood Open Innovation Models, Sharon  Baurley