Questions about framing the artistic process in academia

about Creativity assessment, be recognized by the System, freedom of the artist and material approach

“Prototype A  – Presentation for the MA continued development of your project so that it fully realises some of the features which you previously sketched out.(assessed) : 5%”

I developed mixed feelings about the compatibility between my artistic process and an academic frame. How to assess creativity is though, and highly subjective, thus not to be trusted as a source for inspiration.

Should creativity aims for an academic success, that is a “delivery”, this creativity will be formatted in such a way that will fit external constraints determined in order to “please” a bureaucratic system. Thus the importance of choosing to belong or not in the system, to be able to use it and be “recognized” by the system.

My creative approach is from the material not from preconceived ideas, although as an artist researcher, I do have a area of investigation.  For example,   play with codes and trust the focus from the right brain who will lead to create an algorithm which help my investigations . In my process, I trust my intuition, right brain again, about which material , equipment, technology I should use and finding out how to use it as opposed to try to create a predefined work and in the process creating an artwork for the purpose I was looking for.

Although, recognition of the effort put in the work could and should be assessed., while processing the work there is neither a  “clear” picture neither a stop frame faithful to the final “product”. Similarly,  is it relevant to judge a painting by it sketches ? I should be free to create my work at my own path.


This raises questions about my art practice. Could I choose to not care about how whatever system will index me ? If the answer is yes, can I stay in this systems? How strong , how careless should I be? Does it matter to fit?  How worth is it to surrender to the frame versus staying in an individual and lonely process? What is worth in the artistic making: processing or sharing?

Is it linked to the ability to be self centered and deaf to my environment?  or to a strong belief in my artistic process? If there were no one to understand my art piece, here and now, would I stop being an artist?


  1. Script for a Network of Artefacts
  2. Coding
  3. Prototyping