VR embodiement

How to build an embodiment lab: achieving body representation illusions in virtual reality

  1. the illusion of being inside the computer simulation and with the ability to act there
  2. replace the participant’s body with a virtual body
  3. alter the participant’s sense of body ownership and agency
  4. head tracking versus body tracking

“HMD-based systems since these are the most appropriate for body ownership illusions (BOIs). HMDs display an image for each of the participant’s eyes, which are fused by the human visual system to produce stereoscopic images.”…..

“Core Virtual Embodiment System :

We distinguish between a set of core modules required for the production of 1PP views of a virtual body, and additional modules that can be added to provide multimodal stimulation and physiological measurement. The core modules necessary for creating 1PP views of a virtual body are:

• A VR module that handles the creation, management, and rendering of all virtual entities. This module also serves as the integration point for all other modules.

• A head-tracking module, which maps the head movements of the participant to the virtual camera, updating the viewpoint of the virtual world as in the real world.

• A display module, which consists of the hardware devices used to display the VE.”