Questions on where to start?

First iteration , where to start?

  •  how many type of artefacts for each set? which type of sensor, actuators : sound, light sensors, motors ….
  • mechanical interactions rather than serial interaction
  • more precise sketch with the mask in , working as a gate what is the link with the network of artefacts? how the mask activate the network?
  • look at this work for inspiration :

3D printing fabric exploration

3D printing ideas and download :

control the movment of a servo :

Worked :

motor A, continuous servo is activated by sound, holder A turn and stop. While turning, touch holder B which  in turn activate motor B , servo 180  ” nervous servo”. Using two arduinos.  

to do :

  • use only one arduino, stabilise the holders
  • test other fabrics for nervous servo, and elastic thread to fabric from servo, shibori technic to enclose artifacts
  • transfer to textile circuits with Attiny 85
  • add a sound producing ,  Speaker playing a short record
  • add EMF transmitter
  1. looking for a script for the network of artifacts
  2. Coding, knitted patterns 
  3. Prototyping ,knitting and actuators