Essay Proposal outline
 and schedule

By Helen Pritchard (approx. 2 sides A4)

  1. Working title. “NetWork the Ultimate Mask”
  2. Short statement on your current practice.
  3.  Brief description of conceptual motivation. Why are you undertaking this project?
  4. One or two research questions. What are you researching?
  5.  Description of proposed project – practical element (practice).
  6.  Description of proposed project – written element (essay).
  7.  Brief description of research methodology. What are the approaches you will take?
  8. Initial structure for essay. Draft a structure for the essay.
  9. Formulate entire project in 2-3 meaningful sentences.
  10.  Intended audience and/or potential journal for dissertation.
  11.  Revised bibliography/reading list for dissertation.
  12.  Connect practice and essay project (if separate), explain how they inform each other.
  13. Project results, e.g. documentation, performance, script, intervention, website, exhibition, book, journal.
  14. Timeline for realization of written project.


Fill in milestones here for undertaking your project and writing your essay

First essay draft due: 19th March 2018 6pm

Second essay draft due: 23rd April 2018 6pm

Final essay deadline: 7th May 2018 6pm