Questions about installation – K- cells-Knitted cells

the cells, could functions as kinetic drawing bots:


 In relation to my essay proposal about the  ”NetWork : the Ultimate Mask “
Find the Poetic Space of the Network , I have the intention is to build up some Knitted cells units.  I would like to be able to stitch them together to make either a costume , a quilt , a mask,  a 3D sculpture  , a sensitive environment, or reactive bodies for puppets…

“Rules” :

  • The cells will have different functions , and different structures . They could store visual memories . They could produce or record sounds, be thermo sensitives.  They could produce lights etc…
  • Combined and stiched together they form a body. Each of this unit has its own functions and life, stich together they form a collective and have a collective behaviour. Individually they have a autonomous behaviour.
  • Like puppets can do one thing , dancing versus walking, or a mask is expressing one quality ( neutral, clown, buffon ….)  each type of K cells have limited functions , either data feed, ligth or sound. their design should reflect this particular feature.
  • Decide whether together they are stronger or weaker ? amplification process? they can also relate to each other remotely ie not stitch together.


  • >Build K cells in electronics and transpose into soft e textile
  • > Build two families KL, knitted light fiber cells .and KA knitted audio fiber cells

    • Wearable Antennae Speaker FM Transmitter (KA)
  •  Puppetry and mask making process of animating objects
  • then WA weaved audio cells
  • combine the two families in a collective structure
    Birdy, found objects puppet by theatredu1k
Mona Luison
credit : Mona Louison

“Variables and functions”:

To achieve the design of each family of K cells,  I will use ( list to be completed)

  • mapping technology ( Max/ MSP, Mad Mapper)
  • generative code to find interesting patterns for each type of cells
generative sin pattern in Processing by SRQ

Luce - Lucette & Lulu

Questions about research questions

After Session 3 with Helen Pritchard,

sort out all that matters in circle around The Subject :

Network, Visual dominance , Identity, Mask, Memory, Futur, VR, Affect, Perception, Body/Brain, Ubiquity, Interaction, Power/Control and Bio Politics, Creative process, Objectification, Potential, Expectation, Tension, the Other, the Self, Mirror, Transversality, Feed, Shape Memory, Hyperobject

and find that the title of the essay could be … the Network as the Ultimate Mask (of the Self) or the Mask of the Network


start to plan, still planning, which plan?


Time Line
  • Submit a literature and project review by 8th December 6pm
  • First essay draft due: 19th March 2018
  • Second essay draft due: 23rd April 2018
  • Final essay deadline: 7th May 2018

Literature and Project Review (Helen Pritchard)

A literature and project review is a search and evaluation of the available literature and projects in your given subject or chosen topic area. It documents the state of the art with respect to the subject or topic you are writing about.

  • It surveys the literature in your chosen area of study
  • It synthesises the information in that literature into a summary
  • It critically analyses the information gathered by identifying gaps in current knowledge; by showing limitations of theories and points of view; and by formulating areas for further research and reviewing areas of controversy
  • It presents the literature in an organised way


To be or not to Be Inspired ….

So , I have been reviewing like mad, virtual reality and data programming…..trying to sort out what kind of project I could do for the end of MFA. Although Virtual reality is very tempting, I am still a maker and really need to have a real object to ignite my inspiration , that is a mask, a box , drifted wood, puppet character…. so next step would be to look for augmented reality .

I also need to explore in 3D Unity


  1. building up reading list , mask theory /in computational art installations/ feminist / non human
  2. catch up with Data programming/ VR/p5
  3. what will be the physical support for the next installation? wearable/ mask on a stick/ mask VR/ storage box/ mini shadow theatre/
  4. schedule Mask workshop : january


Reflecting practice, what is it I really want to express, learn , share?

Do I need to be at university to do that?

Answering to open calls is a good practice to find out answers or to do a check up on the answers to those questions.



catch up : Data programming, Interactive Data, VR

creative process reading, brain storming : Intersecting Art and Technology Camille Baker

update Look at the Other marketing material, answer to Trajectories call (30/10/2017)

check next E stiches meeting

tidying the studio , to allow new ideas to flow

start little projects with sensors

try to build a VR experience with sensors?


Investigate more about eye tracking technology ,  perception, disruptive art?  , new materialism, wearable technology, bodies boundaries, bacteria, anthropocene, VR, we are all connected !

Auditing course is not easy in term of connecting to the new students and get the same working momentum. have to look into virtual on line courses more and former tutors or ex colleagues .

Technically planning to do more and explore : Python, Data mining,VR, Unity , CMS, Web development, Rasperry Pi, Kinect, camera manipulation, sound making….

october 2017  

  1. ugly duck exhibition
  2. p5JS, javaScript
  3. CMS, data, python
  4. wekinator, machine learning
  5. blog and social media
  6. sound input, MAX, MIDI
  7. mask repetition
  8. automata , soft sensors, shape alloy memory


Chaos again



Rule number 1: do not compromise with your artwork !

outcome of the first year : mixed feeling about my achievement , got to be happy , and not too hard on my self esteem and next time do not compromise with my artwork.

What to expect of the last year of MFA? 

go deeper into the process of explaining and contextualizing my work -> essay, funding process, residential calls, articles.

go deeper in the development of the concept I want to share-> project, workshops


10th October

Today first session with Helen Pritchard , our tutor for the last year of the MFA

got a little bit lost in translation at this beginning of the year after very intense, nerves breaking months in preparing Overlap show at Goldsmiths. Learned a lot while making, huge steps in every direction and need to manage and build up from constructive feedback and great ideas

Notes from Helen : Continue reading Chaos again