Things about Performativity

Judith Butler .

By endlessly citing the conventions and ideologies of the social world around us, we enact that reality; in the performative act of speaking, we “incorporate” that reality by enacting it with our bodies, but that “reality” nonetheless remains a social construction (at one step removed from what Lacan distinguishes from reality by the term, “the Real“). < question : what is real?>

Things about sound Artists

Article in Everydaylistening  about  Antoine Bertin

a sound artist curious about our relationship to the environment. Together with material designer Hélène Combal-Weiss, and technology creative Simon Cacheux they form SounDoesnTravel, a sound driven creative studio designing innovative listening experiences. on Vimeo


Acoustic Installation by Zimoun using repetition of one single movement producing sound , DC motor + cardboard + Spinner wood or metal