Alien Agency

Ethnography and Computational Art by Christian Slater – session 2 MFA readings

What is “material agency -what the world does rather than is” is illustrated through three experimental and ethographic stories he shared with other artist researchers. Matter of the world around us which lead to experiential and affect, for the artist entangled with his material.

Slater shares with us the creative process of three artist/ researchers projects : acoustic life of the city, make move muscle cells out of the body, create a sensorium. 

Cellular Vitality.  Chapter II

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Media Archeology

Indigenous Circuits: Navajo Women and the Racialization of Early Electronic Manufacture
by Lisa Nakamura


Nakamura draws from “ A cyborg Manifesto”(1) where Dona Haraway reminds us that “ labor is commodified and extracted , often without compensation for labourer, within digital culture”. In her article, Nakamura is focusing on how Haraway raised awareness about “gendering and racializing of bodies as well as on computer hardware itself” . Exploring Navajo women ’s input in the growth and the success of Fairchild SemiConductor company, Nakamura answers to Haraway’ s call to analyse ”digital media , not only seeing its image but seeing into it” and see the “women of colour workers…integrated within the circuit of techno culture” . Continue reading Media Archeology