Project Proposal

Illustrate how , like masks, the networks frame, mirror, mediate, catalyse , transform, show emotions of, classify or hide the users.

Creating a 3D textile sculpture , artefact , installation responding to data either transmitted by remote sensors or by internet actuators ( Twitter, Facebook etc…)
Show the entanglement between machines and humans :
The sculpture swill emulate the meeting between humans and machines , as a memorial artefact .

Crafting one of the Network masks and its artefacts :costume, headdress, accessories, behaviour, dance steps, songs, texts….

Mask improvisation workshops to understand how we actualise in our bodies , the network; ( check the documentation “creative soup”)

propose a scenario for a mask to explore the relations between humans and machines in the network.
you are the machine, the hardware , the software, the code, the portal, the algorithm, the coder, the screen, the human, a data, ….list all the possible characters and try to mach a mask

Providing a physical environment
to reveal our networked self,
to show the impact on our social interactions ,
to show the impact on our relation with our body.

Essay Proposal

 ”NetWork : the Ultimate Mask “ Between 0 and 1, find the Uncanny Space of the Network

As a creator, I am looking to understand the narratives sourced by new technologies and the internet of things. In my process of exploring ubiquitous computing, I found many similarities with the world of masks and puppets.

Networks and masks share the ability to function as a frame, a mirror, a mediator, a catalyst or a transformer , masks have the power to reveal or hide and characterise the user, so does the network. The puppet is “a figure which, in almost all cultures, has embodied questions on the origin of life and death, on the relation between the visible and the invisible, and the relation between the spirit and the matter.“ . Similarly, the network calls us to explore the limits,  between the edges of the real / visible and the virtual / invisible, it raised the questions of the connections between our body / matter and our brain / spirit. Virtual Reality introduces a realm where the ability to act is transferred from the body in flesh to digital bodies in multiple locations. Our physical body remains at the border and feeds data through the network gate to our virtual selves.  In the same manner, the puppeteer acts through its puppets. Through the strings, the puppeteer has transferred its physicality, its animality, so it is the marionette who is more alive than the human : “There is only one actor – nay one man who has the soul of the dramatic poet, and who has ever served as the true and loyal interpreter of the poet,” and “this is the marionette.” (Edward Gordon Craig).

Research questions. What are you researching?

Like shadow screens or masks create a explorative field between the audience and the puppeteers, the Network has the power to challenge our digital and analog perception by and through it by setting an alternative realm , an uncanny space, between observers and users. As a researcher, I am exploring this space “lying between nodes and paranodes” full of data waiting to be erased or selected , to be transferred or transformed by algorithms.   

Bringing up the shadows , power up the masks, pull the strings, act the code, reveal the data.  In the Network field, humans and machines play hide and seek with lights and objects ( the artifacts) to choose to reveal or hide (the data).


Essay Proposal outline
 and schedule

By Helen Pritchard (approx. 2 sides A4)

  1. Working title. “NetWork the Ultimate Mask”
  2. Short statement on your current practice.
  3.  Brief description of conceptual motivation. Why are you undertaking this project?
  4. One or two research questions. What are you researching?
  5.  Description of proposed project – practical element (practice).
  6.  Description of proposed project – written element (essay).
  7.  Brief description of research methodology. What are the approaches you will take?
  8. Initial structure for essay. Draft a structure for the essay.
  9. Formulate entire project in 2-3 meaningful sentences.
  10.  Intended audience and/or potential journal for dissertation.
  11.  Revised bibliography/reading list for dissertation.
  12.  Connect practice and essay project (if separate), explain how they inform each other.
  13. Project results, e.g. documentation, performance, script, intervention, website, exhibition, book, journal.
  14. Timeline for realization of written project.


Fill in milestones here for undertaking your project and writing your essay

First essay draft due: 19th March 2018 6pm

Second essay draft due: 23rd April 2018 6pm

Final essay deadline: 7th May 2018 6pm