Everyday listening

Article in Everydaylistening  about  Antoine Bertin

a sound artist curious about our relationship to the environment. Together with material designer Hélène Combal-Weiss, and technology creative Simon Cacheux they form SounDoesnTravel, a sound driven creative studio designing innovative listening experiences. on Vimeo


Acoustic Installation by Zimoun using repetition of one single movement producing sound , DC motor + cardboard + Spinner wood or metal

Textile & Place

Building a data sensor body for the Mask?

Inspired by the Calls for paper from Manchester University, for the conference Textile and Place 12 April 2018 interesting to link Textile Place and sense of belonging, Identity

link with “Contre les Racines” written by  Maurizio Bettini Flammarion (6 Sept. 2017), advocating “horizontal roots” rather than “vertical roots” for defining ones identity.