Artists in Wearable

  • Anja Hertenberger (DE) is an artist who researches identity in relation to media, surveillance, power, control and man-machine interaction. Her fascination for electronics and writing small programs started during her masters ‘Interactive Media and Environments.’ In her recent projects she combines electronics and programming with her earlier passion for textiles. Together with Barbara Pais and Danielle Roberts she developed e-pressed (2009), a shirt that displays feedback about the wearer’s stress levels. Her most recent work is Hysterical Bubble (2009-2010), a wearable project consisting of four suits, each one with an embroidered textile bubble that inflates or deflates in reaction to the proximity of the group members to each other.
  • Upcoming Digital Textile Designers
  • Kobakant, Hannah Perner Wilson and Mika Satomi
  • Ethos : Together by Richard Sennet
  • Claire Williams
  • Jessy Seay
  • Emilie Giles
  • Francesca-perona-for-neon13 Francesca’s work focusses exploring the potential of materials using technology to visually express different concepts, the programmability of materials and interaction and also the use of craft as a tool to empower self-expression and visually express concepts.