Shadow theatre, Puppets, Masks and Projections Mapping. Painting, Sculpting and Performative Installations. French native speaker, fluent in English, Openframeworks, Processing and P5Js, Mad Mapper, VDMX, Audacity, Sketchup…

Everyday is a tale and an exploration , mixing digital and analog to create uncanny encounters .

Vietnamese, born in France, Sabrina is currently enrolled in the last year of the MFA in computational art at Goldsmiths.

Introspections or interactions, Sabrina’s installations made of wood, paper, automata and found objects invite the audience to an emotional and playful response. Animated projections and recorded voices share their memories when shadows, puppets and masks reveal the truth. Alongside making and performing in puppetry and shadow theatre for five years, she has shaped her improvisation practice in London and Berlin with LISPA and performed and exhibited in London, Berlin, Paris and Malta.

Our true identity is like a crystal, made of extended faces not to be seen at the same time. Society gives us its mask to wear, thus giving us an “over- identity” that can fit in. Coming from Vietnamese background, raised within the French culture and living in UK, mother and artist … her works explore concepts of identity and belonging.
Currently enrolled in the last year of the MFA in Computational Art, at Goldsmiths University , she is investigating the similarities and synergies between shadow theatre, puppetry , embodiment and computational practice. More specifically , she is interested in how new technologies are shaping new cultural/social identities and sense of belonging and how they set human interactions in the uncanny space of computation.